Thursday, April 24, 2008

Final Video Project Proposal (First Draft)

I decided to take on this project by myself. It’s just my personality, it can’t be helped! I love doing things by myself. Since I have a strong background in video editing, the hardest part of this project will be building up the courage to approach people and discuss the things that I hope to discuss.

Most of my inspiration for this project comes from the packet of newspaper articles that Professor Greene distributed on the first day of class. One article particularly interested me – that of the community march past several important community sites, including drugs houses that were later shut down and a murder scene.

I would like to interview some of the staff at LAND and find the locations of some of the sites that were visited on the peace march and visit some of the sites with my video camera, and show the improvements that LAND has made in the community. I would also like to stop at other places where LAND has influenced had on the community such as the St. Thomas Aquinas Church, the Lisbon Ave. Health Center, and of course HomeSource. I would ideally like to interview some community members that have been affected by LAND and document them on video. I have so many ideas to pack into a short video, so I believe some trimming down of content may be necessary.

But overall, I would like to focus on a fairly straightforward history of the impacts LAND has made on the community, rather than focus on one event in particular.

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